About Us

The mission of TOMORROW’S BRANDS is simple: Help companies that possess great ideas and great products--but may not possess the appropriate level of capital, manufacturing expertise, or relationships--to truly succeed. The founders of Tomorrow's Brands have over one hundred years of experience doing just this--investing, manufacturing, and building relationships--both for their own companies and for companies they've partnered with over the years.

Our successes at Tomorrow's Brands and our affiliate companies have been achieved by identifying brands that the market shouldn't live without, and then bringing these brands and associated products to market in the quickest and most-efficient fashion possible. We are "category agnostic" when it comes to the types of brands and products we choose to work on; we just focus on those that (1) provide a much needed solution to the marketplace; (2) can be efficiently mass-produced; and (3) can be delivered at an attractive price to our retail partners and, most important, to the end consumer. As a result, we have the ability to work seamlessly across products and sales channels, whether the product is destined for a local Mom & Pop retail store, a national Big Box, or a high-end boutique on Madison Avenue.

This mission and the successes that we have achieved over the years allow for our company to not only be at the forefront of the the current-day zeitgeist, but also at the creation and development of product trends that will be recognized and valued for the next hundred years--in short, TOMORROW'S BRANDS. Please reach out to us and let's create the future together.