Tomorrow's Brands is continually looking for new and great partners to work with. If you or your company fit one of the four categories below, please reach out to us to discuss the exciting opportunities we might be able to pursue together.

Are you a retailer?

At Tomorrow's Brands we know that we are nothing without a place to display and sell our products. As such, we greatly value our relationships with our retailer partners. From the largest Fortune 100 Big Box retailers all the way to the smallest of local Mom & Pop stores, we look at these relationships as an extension of the Tomorrow's Brands family. If any of the products on our website interest you and can find a comfortable "home" in your store, we'd love to discuss further. In addition, our experience affords us the opportunity to bring the concept of value-engineering to your store's current product selection. That is, for the right product that fits our company's brand, we would love to have a chance at sourcing your existing products at cheaper prices then you are currently paying now.​

If interested, please send an email to with Retail Opportunity in the subject line.

Are you a manufacturer?

Having been in the consumer products industry for decades, the founders of Tomorrow's Brands know just how important the product manufacturer is to the end consumer. We believe that Tomorrow's Brands fills a unique position in helping bridge that relationship. Whether your company is a family-run company in the U.S. or a foreign conglomerate, Tomorrow's Brands would like to hear from you. For sure, we have partners that would be interested in seeing (and buying) your products. Think of Tomorrow's Brands as simply the most sophisticated and value-added distributor or salesforce you will ever come across.

If interested, please send an email to with Manufacturer Opportunity in the subject line.

Are you an inventor?

Calling all Thomas Edisons! Inventors are the lifeblood of our industry, and tomorrow. Therefore, at Tomorrow's Brands we want to meet and talk to as many inventors as possible. The team at Tomorrow's Brands has not only worked with other inventors over the years, but we have also patented products and invested in products that were ultimately patented. We would love to see if we could use our vast experience and resources to take your idea to the next level of commercial success.

If interested, please send an email to with Inventor Opportunity in the subject line.

Are you an independent representative?

Tomorrow's Brands cannot cover the spectrum of clients that are interested in our products without the help of a cadre of determined and competent independent representatives for our brands. We offer some of the best 1099-compensation programs in the world for the right person with the right set of relationships to help get our products to the market.​

If interested, please send an email to with Independent Rep Opportunity in the subject line.